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MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition
is providing live online tutoring!

You're not on your own. It's live online tutoring with a qualified tutor.

You’re not on your own. It’s live online tutoring with a qualified teacher.

Work from the comfort of your own home yet has the personalised tuition to suit your child’s needs. Using online technology, your child will receive a unique meeting ID and passcode to connect with their tutor.

All our staff is fully qualified and CRB checked. Staff are up to date with the new changes in the curriculum and are currently working within schools. Our online software allows students and teachers to communicate effectively and we encourage parents/guardians to observe lessons. This face-to-face experience allows students to overcome their weaknesses and be themselves in a safe environment.

It is so convenient, and all your child needs is a computer (laptop or tablet will also work), a webcam, a head set, a reliable internet connection along with a notepad and pen. All this from the comfort of your own home!

Did you say it seems convenient? We think so too!

All you'll need is:

A Computer

A Webcam


A Headset

A Book and Pen

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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

Albert Einstein
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Founded in 2015, MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition have been helping 11+ SATs students and secondary school students achieve/exceed their predicted grades in maths.