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11+ Maths

The MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition 11+ maths

The entrance exam that your child takes may differ depending on the area you live in and the school your child is looking to join. Two of the main exam boards are the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and the GL Assessment.

Every parent wants to give their child the best chances at school. 11 plus maths tuition can help boost their confidence and prepare them for the future.

What does the maths exam involve?

The 11 plus maths exam cover a huge range of topics, which your child will be taught throughout Key Stage 2, but at an advanced level. The content of the tests will vary depending on your area; there are several key areas which the tests will cover.

11 plus maths exam topics

The 11 plus maths exam will aim to test your child’s speed, accuracy, problem solving and mental arithmetic. It will cover the following topics:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Fractions, percentages, decimals
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Geometry (properties and position of shapes, co-ordinates)
  • Statistics

How can my child prepare for 11 plus maths?

At MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition, we encourage our children to overcome any challenges they might face. As with all the elements of the 11 plus exam, the maths paper is designed to assess your child’s intelligence, academic potential and tests them on everything they have learnt from primary school, albeit at a trickier level – so they are not easy!

Depending on your child’s individual needs, our tutors will develop their tailored sessions to revise key primary concepts and focus on new secondary maths skills, whilst developing their exam technique and etiquette

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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms. It is about UNDERSTANDING

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Founded in 2015, MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition have been helping 11+ SATs students and secondary school students achieve/exceed their predicted grades in maths.