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Welcome to MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition

The MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition Mission

Teach children maths, so they understand it, grasp it, and conquer it. Leaving them feeling MATHJESTIC!

It does not matter if your child is behind in maths or ahead in maths, we will help them make strides forward in order to understand and be successful in maths. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth.

MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition

It is inevitable that some children feel left behind in the academic process, at MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition we work at the student’s pace, monitor their progress, and fundamentally develop their academic confidence and resilience that is essential to achieving high grades.

Our team at MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition is comprised of qualified professionals in maths. All our tutors hold a recognised teaching qualification and have extensive knowledge of the national curriculum, enabling us to build a solid foundation to help your child throughout their school years.

All our tutors are passionate about providing top quality education; therefore, we offer not only face-to-face sessions but also online sessions to enhance the child’s learning experience via a systematic yet personal approach.

A maths-only tuition centre which teaches children maths in a way which makes sense to them.

We are MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition, and we are passionate about mathematics and we want to make sure your child is too. We strongly endorse a tailored approach to teaching as students have a unique style, something which our tutors understand. Our approach goes beyond traditional maths tutoring to help develop an understanding and bond for maths. Our tutors will prove through a variety of fun yet structured techniques that learning does not have to be dull rather it can be interesting through active engagement.

Every child is provided with a customised action plan tailored to their needs by a specialist maths tutor dedicated to achieving the best of your child’s potential. We believe that a tutor is more than just that, it is someone who can connect on a personal level with their students, somebody with the ability to explain the most complex concepts in a way which is understandable and most importantly someone that can realign every single student’s expectations by giving them the self-confidence to achieve the best grades possible. Our proven results make believers out of even the most sceptical of parents and children.

We cannot wait to answer any questions you may have and show you how MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition can change your child’s life through maths!

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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms. It's about UNDERSTANDING

William Paul Thurston
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Founded in 2015, MATHJESTIC by A Star Tuition have been helping 11+ SATs students and secondary school students achieve/exceed their predicted grades in maths.